Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Book Blitz: Swindled, Negotiations, Red

Publication Date: June 2016

Genre(s): Adult and Romance

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These 5,000 word short stories are the perfect serving of sizzle before bed.

Swindled - Releases June 14
Close Contact Volume 1

Newbie detective Harper Land baits international thief Magnus Declan with her best assets and discovers she's not the only one with tempting snares.

Negotiations - Releases June 21
Close Contact Volume 2

When Detroit's lead negotiator Paige Cline and Special Response Team captain Donovan Wolfe go head to head, they negotiate a fiery response.

Red - Releases June 28
Close Contact Volume 3

After losing a patient, famed neurosurgeon Alexis McCrae needs an escape and her pilot Captain Warren knows just the right spot.


"Aren't you going to cuff me?"

She didn't have anything to hold him, but still she stopped with one hand on the door.
"No, you're not," he said, drawing nearer. "You don't want anyone to know I made you come without a single touch." Looming over her shoulder, the heat of his large body shot a wave of gooseflesh across hers. "I've never seen such an honest reaction in my life, and that's a treasure too exquisite to share."


"Come under me. We'll work together. You'll like it." He emphasized his last point by grinding his hips against her.

A deep belly laugh rolled out of her mouth and her lips curved high.
"Men. You're either threatened by us or in awe of us. The threatened ones want to control and the awed ones want to watch. You're no different, soldier. You hate that I call the shots at a scene and see an opportunity to change that. Well, I have oodles more training in psych and for negotiations than you, and you won't issue orders to me."
Yes he would and she'd follow them. She'd beg for them.


He nudged her face up from the pillowy seat. "No one's going to hear, but me, and I want to hear everything you have to say about this."

"They're not intelligible words," she panted.
"That works too."

Author Info:
USA Today bestselling author Megan Mitcham was born and raised among the live oaks and shrimp boats of the mississippi Gulf Coast, where her enormous family still calls home. She attended college at the University of Southern Mississppi where she received a bachelor's degree in curriculum, instruction, and special education. For several years Megan worked as a teacher in Mississppi. She married and moved to South Carolina and worked for an international non-profit organization as an instructor and co-director.

In 2009 Megan fell in love with books. Until then, books had been a source for research or the topic of tests. But one day she read Mercy by Julie Garwood. And Of Mercy, She was hooked!

Megan lives in Southern Arkansas where she pens sizzling suspense novels. Follow her through her sites and sign up for her newsletter.

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