Sunday, 12 June 2016

Review: Empower by Jessica Shirvington

Publication Date: 6th May 2014

Genre(s): Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Supernatural and Romance

It has been two years since Violet Eden walked away from the city, her friends, her future and - most importantly - her soulmate, Lincoln. Part angel, part human, Violet is determined to stand by the promises she made to save the one she loves.

Living in the perpetual coldness of a broken soul she survives day to day as a Rogue Grigori in London.

Even worse, she fears that this might all lead back to the night tries hardest to forget. And what was taken without her permission.

Violet is going back to New York...and she knows exactly who is going to be there.

With Phoenix in her dreams and Lincoln in her heart she knows it is only a matter of time before the final choice must be made.

The past 2 years had taught Violet The past 2 years had taught Violet not to let the everyday hiccups get to her. Sure the additional muscle would hurt, but only in the physical sense, and she could cope with that. Rolling with the punches is necessary when are a Grigori (a human-angel hybrid) a weapon against the ever increasing numbers of exiled angels on earth. For her even more so, since they gave her such a colourful nickname. She is the Keshet, the rainbow. She didn’t ask to be the rainbow but she made her choices and she stands by them.

So she is still trying to figure out exactly what being the rainbow meant, mostly she found that the desire to know conflicted with her continuing need not to think about it all. One thing she did know was that somehow she could create space with the angels. A place unknown where they are able to take form and communicate. Her angel maker (whose name she and everyone else still does not know) said it is a place for new possibilities.

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